Thursday, March 6, 2008

Incredible science ... terrible economics

Dear Colleagues

The primary impression that Tr-Ac-Net has about health is that the science is incredible, but that the economics are terrible. This is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed, yet those in control either have no interest in solving the problem, or are incapable of solving the problem. Neither is a good situation.

The good news is that because the underlying science has progressed so well over the past several decades, and there is a huge pool of incredible talent in the health sector ... a solution to the economic crisis can be fashioned so that there is an almost universal win-win-win.

Tr-Ac-Net wants to contribute to the dialog that we see as an essential part of almost any systemic change, and especially change where some of those in control have huge economic incentives to maintain the status quo.


Peter Burgess
The Tr-Ac-Net Organization

Note: This was originally posted in December 2007 and relocated now due to a spelling error in the blog name.

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